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(all healed except cloth pattern) ***Japanese Cover Ups*** Cover ups are a part of tattooing. Some customers will get laser tattoo removal to fade existing unwanted pieces, and this alway helps for a cover up. But there are some unhelpful TV shows out there that give the newer tattoo collecting public the impression that anything can be covered with anything. They show fresh images of well applied, well saturated tattoos where light colours have been placed over dark colours in large areas. But neglect to show the healed tattoo, let alone in 5 years or more. In my opinion, the best styles for tattoo cover ups are the traditional ones (traditional Japanese and western traditional and neo traditional). The tonal extremes of skin and black set the base for the whole design. And because traditional Japanese tattooing involves such extensive coverage, a skilled artist can utterly obliterate an old un-wanted tattoo. FOR BOOKINGS w: : c[email protected] ️: (+61 2) 9316 4565

(all healed except cloth pattern) ***Jap

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(Healed ) ***TIGERS*** In Japanese and Chinese mythology tigers represent, strength, courage, and a long life, and are considered the supreme land animal. They are also said to ward of bad luck and demons and as such there is often a tiger depicted alongside Shoki the Demon Queller. I love tattooing this subject. For me, there is always the challenge of trying to marry the traits of the very stylised tigers found in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese art with the expressiveness of real tigers. I always lean toward the Japanese depictions for reference and hope to do justice to this awesome subject of wabori. FOR BOOKINGS w: : [email protected] ️: (+61 2) 9316 4565

(Healed ) ***TIGERS*** In Japanese and C


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