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(finally finished) ***Signs of Ice Addiction*** Ice, or pure crystallized methamphetamine, is a powerful stimulant that leaves users restless, agitated, and hyperactive. Users can sometimes stay awake for days, or seem unable to stop moving. When assessing whether your loved one has a problem with ice addiction, there are a number of signs to look out for. Their skin can lose its elasticity and luster. There is often excessive sweating, often accompanied by a pungent odour, reportedly similar to cat urine. You may notice uncontrollable jaw clenching and twitching of the eyes as the altered structure of the brain will affect motor control. And most importantly, mood changes. If your partner appears to be flying around in their dressing gown carrying a severed head, and surrounded by weird fire, this is a sure sign. FOR BOOKINGS w: : [email protected] ️: (+61 2) 9316 4565

(finally finished) ***Signs of Ice Addiction*** Ice, or


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