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Really happy with this healed “Jigoku Dayū” piece from a couple of years ago. Combining boldness and softness. •••Jigoku Dayū••• Originally of noble birth, Otoboshi was sold into brothels at a young age after her family was killed. Eventually she became a renowned and high ranking courtesan (or dayū). Convinced that her station in life was a punishment for the sins of a past life, she changed her name to Jigoku (Hell) and had images of hell embroidered onto her uchikake (outer kimono) as a form of penance. The main features of her story involve the arrival of the traveling zen monk, Ikkyū, who gives the woman an education and encourages her to meditate daily, which she does. Interestingly, despite remaining a courtesan throughout her life, she is said to have achieved enlightenment upon her death through her practice and life perspective. Jigoku Dayū is often depicted meditating, contemplating the impermanence of life.

Really happy with this healed “Jigoku


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