I aim to create bold, highly readable tattoos with high contrast and depth that will last in the wearer’s skin.

I favour strong lines and enough black to create this aesthetic, following in the design principles and large scale of traditional Japanese tattooing. 

All my tattoos are one-off custom designs, but are often referenced from traditional forms found in Japanese woodblock prints of the Ukiyo-e period. I also like doing dark subjects echoing European traditional depictions of religion and the superstition. Overall, my works aim to depict movement and flow in a way that compliments the shapes in the body, while standing out from the skin through a purposeful use of contrasting light and darkness.

All my works begin with an initial consultation with the client to discuss their ideas and placement on the body. From there I create a custom tattoo design that stays true to my approach to tattooing whilst making sure that the customer is completely satisfied and happy to proceed. Rough quotes, hourly rates, and reference material are discussed in the consultation.

I work at Lighthouse Tattoo in Sydney, Australia where Nathan Puata and myself have been able to create the perfect environment for tattooing, painting, and generally being creative.